Multi Combination (MC) Truck Licence

Build your skills to operate the biggest rigs on the road with a Multi Combination Licence (MC Licence) from Major Training Group.

MC Licence to drive a Multi Combination Vehicle


$2,395 (HR Licence Holders)


2-3 days

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Course Outcomes

After successfully completing our MC licence training, you will be qualified to legally and safely drive two or more trailers, each having a gross vehicle mass greater than 9 tonnes.

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Earning your Multi Combination (MC) Licence with Major Training Group equips you to confidently operate the largest vehicles on Australian roads.  This opens doors to exciting career opportunities hauling B-doubles and road trains across the country.

We understand that every driver has different preferences. That’s why Major Training Group offers MC drivers licence training with two gearbox options to suit your needs:

  • Road Ranger (open-class licence)
  • Automatic (condition B if not currently open-class licence holder).

Whichever option you choose, our expert instructors will provide comprehensive training to ensure you have the skills and confidence to excel in your truck driving career.

Vehicles You Can Drive

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Course Details

An MC licence qualifies you to legally and safely drive two or more trailers, each having a gross vehicle mass greater than 9 tonnes. Holding an MC licence can opens doors to a diverse range of jobs operating the biggest rigs in the country.


Practical MC licence training on all aspects of vehicle operation, including coupling and uncoupling trailers and reversing

Pre-assessment prior to course

Workbook/student study book

Safety videos

Written and practical assessment on reaching competency

Nationally recognised statement of attainment to take to Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads or other state transport authority for endorsement.

ENTRY Requirements

To apply for a MC drivers licence, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have held both a Car (C class) licence for at least 3 years, and a Heavy Rigid (HR class) or HC class licence for at least 1 year.
  • This period must have occurred in the last 5 years. Can be continuous or made up of different individual lengths of time (excluding any time that your licence was suspended, surrendered, cancelled or expired).
  • Payment of test booking fee to the Department of Transport and Main Roads.
  • Heavy Vehicle Knowledge test.
  • Pass a QLD Transport Practical Test.

Multi Combination (MC) Licence

An MC license permits you to drive heavy vehicles with multiple trailers, commonly known as road trains. These vehicles have a significant impact on logistics, transport, and the movement of goods over long distances. Obtaining an MC license involves mastering the skills required to safely handle these complex and extended combinations on the road.

Possible Roles

Long-Haul Truck Driver: As a long-haul truck driver with an MC license, you'll be responsible for transporting goods across vast distances. You might drive articulated trucks or road trains, ensuring timely and secure delivery of cargo.

Livestock Transporter: Some regions require specialised licenses for transporting livestock. An MC license could lead you to a role where you transport cattle, sheep, or other animals using multi-combination vehicles, catering to agricultural needs.

Heavy Equipment Hauler: Certain industries require the transportation of oversized and heavy equipment, like construction machinery or industrial components. An MC license enables you to move these items safely and efficiently.

Freight Transport Operator: With an MC license, you could establish your own freight transport business. You would manage a fleet of heavy vehicles, plan routes, oversee scheduling, and ensure the efficient movement of goods.

Mining and Resource Industry Driver: In regions with significant mining and resource industries, MC license holders are in demand to transport raw materials, equipment, and goods to and from remote mining sites.

Road Train Operator: With an MC license, you might work specifically as a road train operator. This role involves managing and driving exceptionally long combinations of trailers, often in remote and challenging environments.

Potential wages could be in the region of $125,000 to $125,000 per year

Delivery Options

Major Training Group understands that everyone has different needs and preferences, which is why we provide a variety of convenient options to help you get your multi combination licence. Our training courses are available in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast, so you can choose a location that works best for you. We make it easy for you to get behind the wheel and start your journey towards obtaining your licence. Simply select the option that best suits your needs!

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Course Details
HR Licence Holders -> MC

Duration: 2 – 2.5 days training

  • Available for experienced drivers (call us to see if you are eligible)
  • 8 hours of training including test with Qld Transport.
  • Book 3-5 weeks in advance
  • Courses run Monday to Friday between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm

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HC Licence Holders -> MC

Duration: 1-1.5 day course

  • For heavy combination licence holders
  • One-on-one training and assessment
  • Lessons are available from Monday to Friday between 7.00 am and 5.00 pm

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Training Locations
What You'll Pay
HR Licence Holders :

$2,395 (HR Licence Holders)

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HC Licence Holders -> MC


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Funded Options
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Study Now, Pay Later options are available for this course. Please see here for more information; Study Now, Pay Later

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Student Support

Study Information

View our comprehensive resource hub and explore more information about payment options, student support, credit transfer/RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning), assessment methods, and the wealth of resources available to enhance your educational journey.

We accept a range of payment options:

  • Credit Card via our secure payment gateway
  • Study Now and Pay Later with up to 12 Months Interest-Free -> Learn More Here
  • AfterPay: Pay in 4 easy installments -> Learn More Here


At Major Training Group, we aim to ensure that everyone gets the most out of their studies and that is why students have access to a range of support options to help them along the way. They include:

  • Additional practical training sessions
  • Extended learning time
  • Alternative training methods and resources
  • Access to our experienced staff for one-on-one training
  • Recognition of previous learning and experience to speed up the process.

Students with prior industry experience may be eligible for RPL. Students may also qualify for credit transfer if they can demonstrate prior qualifications and/or statements of attainment. You can learn more about credit transfer and RPL here.

We use a variety of assessment methods including;

  • Online
  • Paper
  • Video
  • Q&A
  • Demonstration
  • Short written answers
  • Longer written answers
  • Third-party observation
  • Knowledge skills observation 
  • Employer reports

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Awesome!! After coming from TAFE the training is so much better.
Awesome!! After coming from TAFE the training is so much better. Smaller classes better and more knowledgeable teachers who care about the students and more flexible learning (being able to do most of the work from home). TAFE felt like it was just there to keep apprentices there for as long as possible (spending 8 hours to do 2 hours of work) but here it’s all based around the student, come in for the morning to to finish up units then go back to work for the rest of the day.

Would definitely recommend to others
The staff were very friendly, trainer Carl made it very easy to learn what was needed and helped when I was struggling. Crane operator pat was very kind and made it easy to do the lifts. Amazing operator. Would definitely recommend to others and will be coming back to learn other skills. 👍

Professional Trainers
Great place to get those tickets you've been long after with professional trainers helping you every step of the way.

easy and professional
So impressed with how easy and professional they made the training process! Would definitely recommend.

Really great training company
Really great training company. Very flexible and friendly. I've dealt with a lot of training companies but Major are by far the best.


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