Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

You may be able to ‘fast track’ your learning with RPL or Credit Transfer! 

Your life experience, past education or industry training could qualify you for RPL. At Major Training Group we recognise that not all learning is done in a formal environment, so our courses are structured to take account of any relevant skills, knowledge or experience that you or your team may already have.

All students enrolled with Major Training who consider that they have, and can demonstrate current skills and knowledge in the qualifications or individual units of competency in the program may be eligible for  ‘Recognition;’ through ‘Recognition of prior learning or Credit transfer. Major Training recognises current qualifications and /or Statements of Attainment issued by other RTOs. Major Training defines the recognition of skills achieved through formal learning and assessment as credit transfer.

What is Recognition of Prior LEarning

And how does it work?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the formal acknowledgment of current skills and knowledge regardless of when, where, and how they are obtained and can potentially include:

  • Previous work experience or skills gained on site
  • Unpaid work experience
  • Life experience

RPL assessment can include workplace observation, interviews, third-party testimonials, and documented evidence.


Recognition of prior learning serves both you and your team in a number of ways:

  • Provide the basis for your request to recognise your existing skills
  • Help avoid duplication of training and lead to a quicker qualification
  • Be used to more clearly identify training gaps
  • Provide a pathway to higher qualifications and more career opportunities
  • Potentially reduce the cost of training
  • For further information see our Student handbook.

What is Credit Transfer?

And how does it work?

Credit transfer allows a student to be awarded a unit of competency towards completion of a qualification, based on successful completion of the unit previously completed with another RTO.

To apply for credit transfer:

  • Once enrolled in your qualification you will need to provide along with your completed application the original statement(s) of attainment or qualification(s) for our sighting or provide JP-certified copies
  • Please NOTE: Wallet-sized cards and licences are not acceptable unless they meet the AQF requirements.
  • Major Training will verify these qualifications and determine credit eligibility. Superseded subjects may need to be processed by RPL.
  • Prior qualifications in another name must be accompanied by evidence of a name change (marriage certificate, deed poll etc).
  • For further information see our Student handbook.

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