Funding Options

Up-skilling yourself or your team with nationally recognised qualifications from Major Training Group is always an investment worth making. Federal and State Governments also recognise the need for that investment and offer a range of funding options.
Our knowledge and expertise extend beyond course content and we can give you advice and guidance on which funding options fit best with your skills and goals.

Types of Funding

As an RTO with over 25 years experience, Major Training Group deliver courses that are eligible for a range of funding options that essentially fall into four categories: State Funding, Industry Funding, Federal Incentives, and Self-Funding.

State Funding - QLD & NSW

This is where the government pays for all or part of your course fees for you. Subsidies are for priority qualifications and other courses and can be found across a wide range of industry areas.

Industry Funding

Industry funding involves financial contributions from private businesses or sectors to sponsor training courses, often aiming to address specific skill gaps or to align the training with industry needs and standards.

Federal Incentives

Federal incentives refer to various rewards offered by the central government to encourage participation in training courses, often with the goal of boosting workforce skills, innovation, or economic growth.

Self Funding

Self-funding means individuals or organisations cover the costs of training courses from their own financial resources, without external support or subsidies from governments or industries.


State Funding

There are multiple funding options available to you for various courses through State Funding. We can give you advice and guidance on which funding options fit best with your skills and goals!

QLD Funding

  • The learner must be employed full time or part-time and have access to a workplace relevant to the qualification.
  • Contributes to the cost of approved courses delivered by eligible RTOs to apprentices and trainees in Queensland.
  • The subsidy is determined by how critical the occupation is to the economy
    Funding is available to year 12 graduates, for school-based apprenticeships, and for existing workers.
  • Training delivered through SRTO requirements including development of a Training Plan, Employer Resource Assessment, and completion of a Training Record.
  • Fee-Free Training is available for Apprentices and Trainees under 21 at the time of enrolment into a Priority One qualification.

Learn more about User Choice funding

Provides subsidies for qualifications and RTOs listed on the Queensland Skills Gateway List

  • The amount of subsidy is determined by how critical the occupation is to the economy.
  • Funding is available to trainees completing their first post-school certificate III qualification.
  • Year 12 graduates studying high-priority qualifications may also be eligible.

Learn more about Certificate 3 Guarantee Funding

Major Training Group offers a range of courses for Secondary School Students through our VETiS (V.E.T in Schools) programs to help students as they embark on their career pathway.

Courses such as Certificate II in Engineering Pathways & Certificate II in Resources and Infrastructure Work Preparation are available.

Learn more about our VETiS programs

The Higher Level Skills program aims to assist individuals to gain the higher-level skills required to secure employment or career advancement in a priority industry, or to transition to university to further their studies.

Training is subsidised by Queensland government and is paid to the RTO providing the training. There is a necessary co-contribution fee from the student for enrolment & training.

Learn more about Higher Level Skills Funding

The Trade Skills Assessment and Gap Training (TSAGT) program is designed to assess the skills of experienced individuals who demonstrate substantial competency in priority trade qualifications. Its main objectives are to address trade skills shortages, meet emerging industry needs, support career advancement, and enable individuals to attain qualifications in priority trade areas.

The program consists of two parts: Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and gap training.

Learn more about Trade Skills Assessment and Gap Training (TSAGT) Funding 

NSW Funding

Entitlement Apprenticeships and Traineeships Qualifications Program, or EAT, is part of the Smart and Skilled Funding Program for NSW residents. 

Find out more about EAT here: EAT Program

SBAT, or School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBAT), is part of the Smart and Skilled Funding Program providing funded school-based apprenticeships to NSW residents. 
Click here to find out more: >> SBAT Funding

The Entitlement Full Qualifications Program (EFQP) is part of the Smart and Skilled Program and offers you a unique funding opportunity that covers the full cost of qualifying educational programs, enabling you to pursue your academic goals without financial constraints.

Click here to learn more >> EFQP

The Targeted Priorities Full Qualifications (TPFQ) funding avenue provides students with specialised financial support, focusing on priority fields of study and empowering them to excel in areas of high demand and societal impact.

Click here to learn more: >> TPFQ

Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) is an industry-funded body that supports the workforce in the building and construction industry.
CSQ Funded courses include:

  • Higher Qualifications (HLS)
  • Short Courses (SC)
  • Skills Assessment and Gap Training (SAGT)

Learn more about CSQ Funding ->

BERT Training Fund (BTF) is a joint Union and Employer initiative which provides members of the Building Employees Redundancy Trust (BERT) with funding and assistance to improve their skills. The fund which was previously known as the Queensland Construction Training Fund (QCTF) was established in 1991 to enable the industry to take responsibility for the funding of its training needs.

Learn more about BERT Funding ->


Industry Funding

There are multiple funding options available to you for various courses through Industry Funding. We can give you advice and guidance on which funding options fit best with your skills and goals!


Federal Incentives

Some of the qualifications we offer attract Federal Incentives for students & employers. Our team of experts is also available to offer personalised guidance and advice on selecting the most appropriate funding option that aligns with your career aspirations & business needs.

The Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program offers eligible employers and trainees incentives to invest in skills-based training including:

  • Priority occupations on the National Skills Needs list
  • Rural and regional skills shortage incentives
  • Over 45 Mature Aged Apprentice Worker Scheme incentive (MAWS)
  • School-Based incentives

Contact us to find out more about Federal Incentives

Study Now and Pay Later with up to 12 Months Interest-Free.
Major Training Group can now offer you the opportunity to pay for your course on a flexible weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payment plan. This new option is safe, simple, and is a convenient way to pay for your course over time. It provides you with the flexibility to start your buy-today and pay-later on an interest-free payment plan. The process is entirely paperless and designed around simplicity.

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It’s now even easier to book a course with Major! We have this feature available for clients to use through our integration with Stripe. If you are booking online, you can now choose this as an option on checkout.

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At Major, students have the flexibility to finance their courses through various self-funding options, including credit card payments, cash payments, and our other study now, pay later options to ease the financial burden of training costs.

Eligible for Funding?

Interested in studying a course but don't know what funding is available to you? Check your eligibility for funding options by answering a few questions here or contact us on 1300 790 822 to find out more.