Let’s Give a Round of Applause for our recent Individual Support Graduates!

In the space of healthcare and social services, the role of individual support workers is both indispensable and deeply impactful. These professionals form the backbone of community care, providing essential assistance and companionship to individuals in need.

We recently had the honor of attending the graduation ceremony of our most recent cohort of students who have obtained their Cert III in Individual Support (CHC33015). A huge acknowledgement to not only their academic achievement but also the profound commitment they have made to enhancing the lives of others.

This program is made possible with the tireless support provided by the Kingston East Neighborhood Group (KENG). KENG has been providing programs and services to the Logan community for over 34 years and both MyPath and Major Training Group are proud to have a strong partnership and association with them to provide these students with real world and modern training delivery.

The graduation ceremony was held at the Kingston East Neighborhood Group center in Loganholme, where the graduates were celebrated for their dedication and hard work. In attendance was a supportive crowd of local ministers, proud friends and family and representatives from the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training, who provide the essential funding for these programs to happen.

We were touched by several of the triumphant speeches made by the graduates. One of which was by Melinda Browne, who gave a heartfelt thanks to KENG and MyPath for “changing her life”. Melinda explained that she was homeless and living out of her car when she arrived at KENG seeking support, never expecting that moment to lead to where she is today, standing on stage and graduating with not only a Certificate, but the first full time position she has ever held!  A truly inspiring story to hear and must watch chat below.

The journey to becoming a certified individual support worker is one that requires dedication, empathy, and a genuine desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others. The curriculum covers a diverse array of topics, including communication skills, understanding individual needs, healthcare procedures, manual handling and ethical considerations. Through hands-on training and classroom instruction, students gain the knowledge and practical skills needed to excel in this rewarding profession. If becoming an Individual Support worker is a career you are interested in pursuing, call one of our helpful advisors today on 1300 790 822 to make it a reality.

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