Student Success Stories: Andy’s Journey

There I was sitting in the classroom 15 years ago, listening to the ‘smart kids’ answer all the questions of the teacher. I think to myself, “What a teacher’s pet, I can’t wait for lunch time to go kick the footy”. This conversation with myself happened in basically every subject…except Physical Education.

I never valued the worth of study or gaining qualifications, I thought that I could just use my hands to help me make a living. Then I started working for Polymedic Pty Ltd, I felt like I could offer more to the company, so I approached management and asked if I could commence a qualification to help me advance in my career, they were supportive and encouraged me to do so.

That is when I came in contact with Major Training. I worked closely with them in the beginning to decide on the direction my study would start in.  We decided I would complete a Certificate III in Warehousing Operations which was very relative to the role that I was working in. This involved 18 units and was completed over a 12 month period.

My Trainer, Bryce, was very supportive throughout the course, he identified that I was completing the units with relative ease and adjusted his training method accordingly. The outlay of the workbooks made it very easy to navigate through and conduct research with. The theory and practical side of the Units were well balanced and enjoyable to complete.  Throughout the course and when I had completed it, I realised that study was both very beneficial to my future and also something I really enjoyed.

As a result of gaining the qualification, I have been awarded more responsibility at work and have been promoted to Production Manager. This role is a challenging one, with a number of different aspects to it. The Certificate III in Warehousing Operations has given me new skills and ways of thinking that assist me in day to day operations.

My Manager discussed with me about my experience of completing the course and asked me if I was interested in starting a higher level qualification. Based on my experience with Major Training and how much I enjoyed the certificate III, I jumped at the chance. Major referred me to their sister company MyPath Education who specialise in business, leadership and management courses. So from there and after discussing with the RTO, I became excited and inspired to gain a Diploma level qualification.

As I am lucky enough to have the support from my senior management, I am now 3 units into a Diploma of Leadership & Management with MyPath. I can feel the depth of the qualification as increased but also am finding that I really am enjoying the higher level of difficulty. This Diploma has provided many instances in my new role where I have utilised my new found knowledge to be a better Manager to the staff that I have.

My new Industry Trainer is Lina, she has been very supportive and provides excellent feedback to my answers as well as giving me the freedom to work through the units at my own pace. I am now eagerly getting through each unit and will complete this Diploma and then see what the next higher level qualification is that I can gain.

It’s funny, because now I am the “teacher’s pet”, and I now realise that when I equip myself with skills and knowledge from education, combined with the excellent support I received from Major  & MyPath, I can achieve anything I want.

Kicking the footy can wait – I have Qualifications to obtain.

Thankyou again Major Training & MyPath Education for the support and helping me reach the goals that I’ve set.


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