From School, to Tools. Why blue collar careers are out performing White Collar ones.

The debate over the merits of vocational education versus traditional university education has been ongoing for quite some time. While both pathways have their advantages and disadvantages, a recent body of research suggests that vocational students might have a significant edge in several crucial aspects of life. Read on to explore the findings of these studies and delve into why young vocational students might be happier (and richer) than their university counterparts.

The Australian Industry (Ai) Group Centre for Education and Training’s latest report, Connecting the dots: Exploring young Australians’ pathways from education and training into work, used survey data from the Longitudinal Survey of Australian Youth (LSAY), which followed a cohort of 3,000 young Australians from age 15 to 25.

Among the sample, the strongest potential earnings were observed among those who had completed an apprenticeship/traineeship as opposed to those undertaking a postgraduate qualification.

Young Australians who have completed an apprenticeship/traineeship over university qualifications report stronger employment outcomes and job satisfaction than their peers, the Ai Group report has also found.

As a student or school leaver, thinking beyond your schooling years can feel daunting. Choosing to get into a trade or having a specialised skillset under your belt is a sure fire way to future proof your career, because the industry has an ever evolving and developing nature, with a huge demand for skilled tradespeople across every state in Australia which is likely to never decrease.

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