The Drake Group: Driving Tomorrows Success.

Good staff are hard to come by, but good apprentices are even harder to find. That’s why at Major Training, apprenticeship retention is high on the agenda when working with our clients.

Major Training have had a long standing partnership with Australia’s leading engineering company, The Drake Group, to deliver innovative and flexible apprenticeship options to service the gap in their automotive sectors and assist in apprentice retention within their niche trailer industry.

Bringing together 100 years of engineering expertise, The Drake Groups impressive suite of scope now includes Drake Trailers, O’Phee Trailers, Drake Collectibles, Dalzell and Bagley Engineering, BoXLoader, Swinglift and Sunseeker East Coast Australia.

Drake is ahead of the game in their trailer departments, with wait times for new builds extensive due to the high demand of their specific expertise and trusted product.

We love to celebrate our student success stories and are excited to bring to life Kai’s experience as a fourth year welder and fitter apprentice for Drake Trailers and a well respected student of Major, showing both commitment and aptitude for his trade and studies with us.

Kai was nominated as a stand out apprentice by his manager Paul Robinson, who is the Branch Manager of Service and Repairs for their Wacol site. We took a trip out to visit Kai and Paul on site to capture their story.

Paul’s approach to his apprentices is admirable and differs from many. He is instrumental in making sure they are given industry tasks from the get go and never pushed to the background like many apprentices can be.

“Back when I did my apprenticeship, you’d spend the first couple of years just cleaning and sweeping, here we try to get them involved straight away so they can learn the trade.” Paul told us.

“ Our apprenticeships are really important. It’s an industry that’s not widely known, so it’s important that we have apprentices going through. In the later market today, it is hard to find qualified people to come and work on this sort of equipment. So having the team of apprentices we have is a big help for the future.” He adds.

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It doesn’t take talking to Kai for long to realise just how passionate he is for this industry. Having grown up with grease in his veins passed down by generations, it was no wonder he chose this hands on trade.

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