Drum Roll Please……….The 2024 Queensland Training Award Nominations Are In.

Queensland training awards 2024

In the realm of education and vocational training, recognition of excellence serves as both a testament to hard work and a source of inspiration for future endeavors. This year, Major Training Group proudly stands at the forefront of celebration, with recent nominations across various categories in the esteemed Queensland Training Awards. These nominations not only reflect the dedication of the individuals and teams within Major Training Group but also highlight our commitment to innovation, inclusivity and industry collaboration.

Let’s hear a round of applause for the following nominees and categories:

Large Training Provider of the Year

As a leading provider of vocational education and training, Major Training Group sets the benchmark for excellence in the industry. The nomination for Large Training Provider of the Year recognises our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality training programs, fostering innovation, and driving positive outcomes for students and industry partners alike. It reflects Major Training Group’s position as a trusted leader in the field, dedicated to shaping the future of workforce development in Queensland and beyond. With over 7000 currently enrolled students, we are enormously  proud to be recognised for shaping futures.

Premier’s Industry Collaboration Award

Collaboration is key to driving innovation and meeting the evolving needs of industries and communities. This category highlights the organisation’s proactive approach to forging partnerships with industry stakeholders, businesses, and government agencies. Through these collaborations, Major Training Group not only ensures that its training programs remain relevant and up-to-date but also creates pathways for students to gain real-world experience and employment opportunities. This year, we are elated to have been nominated in conjunction with Australia’s leading luxury motor yacht builder, Riviera Australia, for our collaboration within their brand new state of the art training facticity, the Academy of Excellence. The academy saw a monumental capital investment by Riviera, to provide future skill security for their business and industry. Major is proud to be the chosen RTO to provide this essential training. A well deserved nomination and nod to Riviera’s steadfast dedication to the training and education sector.

VET Teacher/Trainer of the Year

Behind every successful student is a dedicated teacher or trainer who has imparted knowledge, guidance, and inspiration. Their commitment to excellence in teaching and training not only equips students with essential skills but can also foster a culture of lifelong learning and professional development. A huge congratulations to this year’s VET Teacher or Trainer of the Year rollcall: Nick Lynch, Neil Rushton, Luke Kelly, Steve Smith, Cameron McLeod and special mention to Terry Turnbull. It has recently been announced that both Luke Kelly and Neil Rushton have progressed to the next round of interviews.

Equity Student of the Year

Inclusivity lies at the heart of Major Training Group’s mission, and the nomination for Equity Student of the Year underscores our dedication to providing equal opportunities for all learners. This nomination celebrates the achievements of a student who has overcome challenges and barriers to excel in their vocational training journey. It exemplifies Major Training Group’s belief in empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds and ensuring that every learner has the support and resources they need to succeed. This year we dedicated this nomination to Valentino Marino, a Far North Queensland student who has turned his education experience around and excelled in a vocational setting, now going on to secure a full time apprenticeship in carpentry.

Major Training Group’s nominations across multiple categories in the Queensland Training Awards are a cause for celebration and reflection. They symbolize the collective efforts of educators, students, industry partners, and staff members who contribute to the organisation’s success and impact. As we applaud these nominations, let us also reaffirm our commitment to excellence, inclusivity, and collaboration in the pursuit of transforming lives through education and training.

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