Training is Changing with VR

Virtual Reality (VR) is a simulated experience that puts users in a computer-generated environment. 

Over the past few months, trainers at Major have been trained in how to not only use VR but how to teach it to others. VR simulation training has now been implemented in several Major Training courses. 

The courses that Major is currently running that involve VR training include: 

But that is just the beginning! After already seeing benefits from this type of training, Major plans to expand its VR training across more courses. 

This will be a massive advantage for students training at Major. For instance, students learning Forklift will still learn theory but then will also be able to jump into a simulated reality. With this they will receive realistic insight before starting practical training. 

It also has the capabilities to teach students how to deal with hazard prevention, identification and how to find a safe solution if necessary. For example, one of the simulations students can enter is warehouse fires. This particular simulation will teach students how different fabrics, materials and substances burn in different ways. It will show them the best way to put them out and actually get them to do it in a virtual sense.

Virtual Reality Training

With VR students will get to test putting out the fires in a simulated environment. This is something that was once only taught through theory.  This hands-on VR training will be extremely beneficial in the safety of students if they ever come across warehouse fires in the future. 

Major Training is extremely proud to be a leading RTO that is constantly at the forefront of futuristic training. If you want to know more about VR training or want to enrol in any of the courses, please call us on 1300 790 822 or email us at

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