New Technology for Construction Sites

It’s no secret that there is a huge need for advanced technologies on job sites throughout the nation. This is exactly why Major is proud to partner with Trimble and SITECH® to bring a new type of training into the industry.

Trimble offers a range of products that ensures work on construction sites is getting done faster and more accurately. Not only does the technology ensure faster work times but it also ensures a safer work environment. Major is proud to assist in creating safer and more productive job sites around the country; by being the only authorised RTO who has the permissions to deliver Trimble training.

The training will involve theory around Trimble’s advanced technology, a simulation exercise and then hands on practical training on a real Trimble technology enabled machine. 

What does it do? 

The training will explain how to use the Trimble technology, specifically the GNSS-enabled control of heavy machinery. 

Once a plant operator is qualified, they will be able to use the machine control, weighing technology and pre-determined benchmarks. This will ensure that they are only digging to certain depths, and aren’t overfilling any trucks. 

Trimble Technology on Excavator

Where can I receive the training? 
Once again Major is proud to be Australia’s leading RTO, by being the only training organisation in the nation that offers Trimble training. 

Trimble certification curriculum can be earned with a one day training session. The courses will run every month from April 2022 and will cost $650 per person. Being the only organisation in Australia to offer the training, spots will fill very fast so please call us on 1300 790 822 to secure your spot. 

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