Bridging the Gap in Southeast Queensland

Since 2017, Major Training has been collaborating with Five Bridges and utilising Skilling Queenslanders for Work (SQW) funding to assist in the training of our local community.

This partnership has allowed us to train over 70 students to complete their Certificate III in Driving Operations. So far, the course has been extremely successful and in turn has become a recurring course tendered for.

Eric Rivas, one of our current students (pictured above) said that “The course was absolutely amazing and has given me the qualification to be able to apply for a Heavy Rigid Truck Role in the Australian Army

The program is structured across four days, two days with Five Bridges and two days at Major Training. The two days with Five Bridges will give students foundational skills and some of the skills they focus on are; Personal and professional development and Financial skills.  

The other two days at Major Training will teach students: 

–          Operating a commercial vehicle 

–          Fatigue management

–          Chain of responsibility 

–          Load restraint

–          Carry out vehicle inspections

–          Process workplace documents

–          6 hours’ worth of driving lessons before being booked in for the truck licence test at QLD Transport.

If students are successful in this certificate, they can apply for entry-level roles in the transport, logistics and warehousing industries including some of the positions below:

–          Truck driver

–          Scheduler, allocating trucks etc

–          Local delivery driver

–          Loading and unloading goods

–          Interstate driver

–          Warehouse and logistics

–          Supply chain management 

Benefits of having this qualification 

The roles listed above are in extremely high demand and that demand is only increasing across the country. With the mass expansion of online shopping, more and more jobs in the transport, warehouse and logistics industry will continue to open. The fright volume is getting larger by the day and the modern supply chain is becoming more complex, therefore the demand for skilled workers is higher than ever.

Research data shown on Seek via the Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council shows that truck traffic is expected to increase by 50% before 2030 and rail freight will almost double.

We are extremely proud of the outcome of this course and the future paths it has created for all the students who have completed it. We are happy to announce that this course and current partnership will continue to run into 2023. 

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