The Great Australian Apprenticeship

Apprentices are an integral part of the trade industry, they are, after all the future of the industry. An apprenticeship is the most popular pathway entry into forging a career in a trade, allowing students to earn while they learn and ensuring that they graduate with real life knowledge, up to date skills and on the job training under their belts.

We spoke with one of our recent apprentices, Alex Kemp, who has taken the first steps of his career in Electrotechnology and the company who is supporting him along the way, NLP Electrics, to pass on their valuable experience and knowledge.

Apprentice Spotlight: Alex Kemp

What motivated you to pursue an apprenticeship?

 I wasn’t sure on what I wanted to do as a career, so I thought about doing a trade.

Have you had any prior experience in this field or a related one?

I did some work experience for a couple of companies, ranging from solar, air conditioning, domestic and commercial. It has helped as I do know a little bit about the electrical field instead of knowing nothing and being able to do nothing.

What are your long-term career goals, and how does this apprenticeship fit into them?

My main long-term goal is to become qualified and know a decent amount about the field I’m working in. This apprenticeship is a perfect fit for me as I want to stay with them and complete it, and hopefully they want to keep me on.

Employer: NLP Electrics

What is the benefit from a company’s perspective of putting on an apprentice?

We find that people seeking an apprenticeship are eager to learn, all of our apprentices have shown great interest in the work and wanting to get in and get their hands dirty. We love that kind of motivation in our team members and we love that they’re learning while they’re doing.

Why did you choose Major Training for the training delivery of your apprentice?

Your BDM answered all of my silly questions with no judgement and helped guide us to the right training to suit our apprentice.

How have you found the delivery and logistics of an apprenticeship compared from when you completed your apprenticeship?

My apprenticeship started in 1981, times have definitely changed. The learning support that the apprentices get now is amazing, the government incentives for the employer and the company are great as well.

As a company, what qualities are you looking for when hiring an apprentice?

A keen interest to learn that doesn’t fade. We love hearing about what the apprentices are learning each day on site and appreciate that they get excited to come back and tell us about their day too.

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