Questions to Ask Your Training Provider

Scratching your head over what makes a good training provider?

If you’re looking to further your education, choosing the right training provider can make all the difference. Keep these key questions in mind when researching nationally registered training providers to help decide what’s right for you.

What outcomes can I expect from my qualification?

All the best face-to-face and online course providers in Australia should be able to give you a clear answer on where your qualification will take you – and whether it’s nationally recognised.

You want more than just a piece of paper; you want the practical skills and knowledge needed to land a job. Find out what outcomes are available to you upon completion and if there are other requirements you may need to help land a job in the industry you’re interested in.

Do you have flexible study options?

Most registered training organisations in Australia should understand that everyone’s schedule is different – and they should accommodate this with a bit of flexibility. From online study to late-night classes, be sure to ask what options might work for you.

What communication and support can I expect from your trainers?

Are the trainers easily accessible? Are any support services available to help with your training? Is assistance offered to help you land a job after completing the course? There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re on your own throughout your training. Knowing your trainers are just an email away when you’re stuck on something can give you peace of mind.

Will I get the opportunity to practise my skills before entering the workforce?

This is a big one, because no matter what you learn in theory, nothing gets you as career-ready as hands-on, practical opportunities.Ask if these opportunities are offered throughout your training to ensure you’ll have some practice and feel prepared to take your skills into the workplace.

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