How To Prepare For a Job Interview

Job interviews can sometimes seem like an intimidating experience, but with the right preparation, guidance and research, you can arrive feeling confident you are going to make a great impression.

Read on to discover how to put your best foot forward and possibly land yourself your dream role.

Come prepared: The first step in interviews is making sure that you have all the necessary documents which may be needed. Be sure to have printed copies of your resumes, references, certificates or proof of qualifications at the ready to be easily handed out if asked. You will be required to show proof of any qualification you claim to have obtained, so be sure you have this stored easily in a portfolio.

For additional tips on crafting a winning resume and enhancing your job hunt, explore our articles: 10 Resume Tips to Help You on Your Job Hunt and Resume Tips for Tradies.

Research the company: One of the key components to any successful job interview is being able to demonstrate an understanding of the company and position you are applying for. Research their background, their history, their vision statements, the scope of work they complete and the locations which they cover. Nothing screams underprepared like fumbling on simple questions like this.

Dress appropriately: It is important to look professional at every stage in an interview process. Even if you are applying for an entry level or trade position, your effort put into appearance can speak volumes before you even say a word. For men, long pants or trousers and a clean, ironed, button up shirt is always a fool proof go-to, paired with closed in and clean shoes like boots or sneakers. We recommend steering clear of thongs. For women, this can be the same, with an option to wear a long skirt and closed in shoes like a ballet flat if preferred. Make sure hair is brushed and tidy. Remember that appearance matters when presenting at a job interview, no matter what position you are applying for, so make sure time is spent in this area.

Prepare answers ahead of time: Take some time to think carefully about how you may answer interview questions such as “Why we should hire you?” or “What can you offer this company?”. Writing down potential answers and practicing them out loud will not only make it easier for you during interviews but also show recruiters how well prepared and serious about the position you are. Make sure you are also asking questions in the interview, this shows engagement and interest.

Arrive early: Research the location as to where your interview is being held, map out your travel route ahead of time so you aren’t left flustered on the day. Always leave enough time to allow for traffic or other circumstances which may arise. Arriving 10-15 minutes early is advantageous in showing you are punctual and can keep time for appointments.  

Be confident and enjoy the process: Don’t let your nerves on the day outshine you. Be confident in yourself and smile. Your personality is your own best advocate!

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