10 Resumé Tips to Help You on Your Job Hunt

Your resumé gives you a chance to make a positive first impression on potential employers. Whether you’re new to the workforce or looking to advance your career into a more senior role, avoiding resumé mistakes will help you land your dream job.

Stand out as a candidate with these resumé tips from Major Training.

1. Use a Clear, Professional Font

Choosing a font that’s modern and easy to read is one of the most important tips for writing a good resumé. There’s no harm in giving your resumé a unique format and design, but the person reading it shouldn’t need to squint to understand what you’ve written.

2. Keep It Relevant

If your first job was working in an ice cream shop when you were 16, consider omitting that information when applying for professional jobs. Even if you made the best ice creams in town, only include skills and experience that are relevant to the role.

3. Put Important Information First

If you have a relevant degree or the exact skills the job poster is looking for, be sure to put that information at the top of your resumé to ensure it doesn’t get missed.

4. Use Keywords from the Job Posting

Simply take keywords and phrases from the posting and sprinkle them throughout your resumé to prove you’ve actually read the job posting.

5. Tailor Every Application  

Tailoring your resumé for different jobs is one of the most effective CV tips out there. If you fail to follow all the specific requirements included in the job posting, you could be overlooked.

6. Pay Careful Attention to Detail

Even if you’ve got all the right skills and experience, small resumé mistakes like typos, grammatical errors and clumsy formatting could still stop you from landing your dream job. Be sure to proofread your resumé carefully to ensure it doesn’t contain any embarrassing blunders.

7. Use a Professional Email Address

Still using the same email address your made in primary school? Unless you had the foresight as a kid to create a professional-sounding email, you may need to make a new one to give your resumé a more professional look.

8. Update Your Contact Information

Always double check you’ve got the right contact information on your resumé. There’s no point in applying for jobs if recruiters have no way of getting in touch with you.

9. Match Your Resumé with Your Cover Letter

Using the same style of font and formatting across your resumé and cover letter will ensure your job application looks consistent. Even more importantly, double check the information you’ve included in both documents matches up. For further tips and guidance on creating a winning resume, check out our Resume Tips for Tradies article.

10. Cut Down on Waffle

Your resumé should be no longer than two pages; otherwise recruiters may not even bother reading it. Avoid waffling on about yourself by using bullet points and concise language.

By implementing these resumé tips on your next job application, you’re bound to get more call backs, interviews, and job offers. For more expert advice on landing your dream job, contact Major Training to learn about our training opportunities today.


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