Jobs That Require Confined Space Certificates

Confined spaces are defined as areas which are not designed for human occupancy, with limited entry and exit points, restricted ventilation and the potential for hazardous substances or dangerous conditions. These spaces can include tanks, silos, tunnels, crawl spaces, and more. While the nature of work in confined spaces varies across industries, the risks associated with them are fairly consistent. Legislation is strict in this area to keep workplaces and employees safe.

Often confused with each other, a confined space differs to a restricted space. A restricted space is generally a work area in which the only hazard is the difficulty of getting into or out of the space. A confined space is a restricted space that has hazards or potential hazards beyond just restricted entrance or exit (e.g. poor ventilation and lack of oxygen).

Careers or job positions requiring this training can be plumbers, electricians, cable installers, exterminators, rescue personnel, council workers, miners, fabrication and engineering.

Before entering a confined space, it is crucial to identify and assess potential hazards. These may include poor air quality, toxic gases, flammable substances, limited visibility, engulfment risks, or structural instability. Conducting a thorough risk assessment and implementing appropriate control measures is key to mitigating these risks and ensuring the risk assessment is in line with Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (or your states governing safety body).

It is crucial to comply with all relevant local regulations, industry standards, and best practices when establishing confined space entry requirements. Regular review and updates should be conducted to ensure ongoing safety and compliance with changing conditions or regulations.

Although a nationally accredited course may not expire, it is usually required and sometimes enforced by a company to be refreshed every 2-5 years depending on their individual safety protocols.

Major Training Group offer this certification with our Enter and Work in Confined Spaces (RIIWHS202E). This is generally a day course with an added option of including a breathing apparatus component to your training.

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