The Benefits of a School Based Apprenticeship

It’s never a bad idea to get your foot in the door early – and with school based apprenticeships, you can do just that. They’re a great way for students to gain invaluable work and life experience as well as industry skills training while also gaining a formal qualification.

What Is A School Based Apprenticeship?

School based apprenticeships and traineeships (SATs) are a type of vocational education wherein high school students (usually those in Years 11 and 12) are able to receive training and work as paid employees while studying for their senior high school certificate. These apprenticeships are provided via employment and a registered training organisation, including Major Training.

Our flexible training options are delivered face-to-face and tailored to students’ individual needs. Designed to be undertaken one day per week, training can be made available to students while they’re still in high school.

Why Undertake A School Based Apprenticeship?

There are plenty of benefits to school based apprenticeships, with the main aim being to have you skilled and ready to hit the ground running whilst graduating from high school.

Some of the top reasons we recommend this form of vocational education include:

Increased flexibility and variety

If you enjoy hands-on learning over sitting in a classroom all day every day, a school based apprenticeship might be just what you need. This is because you will obtain practical learning opportunities through work experience, rather than studying theoretical activities and putting them into practice later.

Get a head start in your career

Studying an apprenticeship alongside your high school certificate gives you a head start in your future career, as you’ll already have the knowledge and experience in comparison to a new student entering an apprenticeship after high school. Students that are employed as school-based apprentices tend to develop workplace skills, knowledge and confidence much earlier, and have greater success when applying for jobs. Additionally, if you’re enrolled in a school based apprenticeship, you may have the benefit of gaining full-time employment once you’ve left school.

You’ll get a nationally recognised qualification

Upon completion of your course, you’ll gain a nationally recognised qualification thanks to vocational education that contributes to a Certificate II, III or higher, depending on the chosen course.

Some of the courses you can undertake at school include:

At Major Training, we offer a range of school-based apprenticeships to help you kickstart your career. If you’re interested in learning more about how to get the best out of school, study, and work to set yourself up for a positive future, be sure to explore our article How to Get a School-Based Apprenticeship. Contact us today to discover the opportunities available to you.

You’ll be earning and learning

A bobcat shovels gravel while another workman ensures the site markings are kept clear.

Unlike unpaid internships, school based apprenticeships reward you with payment as you learn on-site work skills, develop confidence and learn to be flexible in varying environments. You’ll also have the chance to put into practice things you’ve learned at school (alongside the skills you’ve been taught by your training organisation) in an appropriate workplace.

You’ll get help to transition from school to a new job

If you choose to undergo early industry skills training, you’ll benefit from assistance to get you from the end of high school to the beginning of your new job in a trades job. This is because you have already been properly equipped to move straight into a job, rather than having to spend time training a new starter from scratch.

At Major Training, we offer a number of school based apprenticeships to help you kick off your career. Talk to us today about how to get the best out of school, study and work and set yourself up for a positive future.

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