What to Look for in a Training Provider

Considering a course, traineeship, or apprenticeship?  You’ll want to find a trusted training provider.

There are plenty of nationally recognised training providers to choose from, but some may be more suited to your needs than others. If you’re not sure where to start in your search for a registered training organisation in Australia, we provide some advice on what to look for to ensure you find the right fit to get your career on track.

Are they registered?

First things first: Are they a registered training organisation (RTO)? This is the best way to ensure you’re dealing with a trustworthy and legitimate training provider. RTOs will have a registration number to show they meet the requirements needed to give you a nationally recognised qualification. This number will usually be displayed on their website.

How long have they been around?

Another way to determine whether a training provider is trustworthy is how long they’ve been in the game. If they’ve been providing training for decades without any hiccups, it’s pretty safe to say they’re a decent choice. If they’ve just sprung up in the past few months and you can’t find any information on them or past students’ experiences with them, you should probably think twice before paying any course fees.

Do they have a good reputation?

Speaking of past students’ experiences, reading up on reviews is one of the best ways to suss out a training provider and get a feel for their reputation. Who better to recommend a training provider (or warn others about them) than those who’ve been there and done that?  Look for a training provider with good reviews and testimonials, and avoid organisations with a heavy history of issues and disgruntled customers.

What qualifications do they offer?

Do they offer the right course to get the qualification or licence you need? What are the job prospects once you’ve completed the training?  While it may sound simple, it’s important to confirm your training will give you the qualification you need to get where you want to go.

Do they offer flexible study options?

Your training should suit your lifestyle, and the last thing you want is to commit to a course that doesn’t cater to your needs. Some training providers offer part-time, full-time, and intensive learning options, as well as in-class and online study.  If flexibility is important to you, keep this in mind when searching for your ideal RTO.

What is the cost of the training, and what funding is available?

Be sure to have a clear answer on the total cost of your course. This includes asking about any service/amenity fees, material fees, equipment costs, and so on.  Find out what funding options the RTO may have to assist you with you fees.

You should take your time choosing a training provider and get as much information as you can before making a decision. You can call Major Training on 1300 790 822 to learn about our courses, traineeships, and apprenticeships, or enquire online today.

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