What Types of Builders Are There?

Considering a career in construction? Australia’s building industry offers a range of career pathways for you to choose from. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll be able to gain experience in a specific field that supports your interests and goals.

Whether you want to be a jack of all trades or focus on a certain type of construction, the building sector’s strong growth means there are endless opportunities available to those with the right skills and qualifications.

If you’re not sure where to take your career in construction, consider setting your sights on these trades.

Construction Management

Construction managers are responsible for supervising building projects. From the planning phase through to finalising the finished result, they oversee every stage of the build. In addition to coordinating the project’s schedule and budget, construction managers are also responsible for hiring and supervising workers.

To succeed in this role, you’ll need a thorough understanding of the building industry. Many construction managers start out in entry-level roles before working their way up the ranks.

If you’re wondering how to become a construction manager, completing a Certificate IV in Building and Construction can help you get there.

Carpentry and Joinery

Carpenters specialise in building, installing, and repairing wooden structures and fixtures. They play an important role in both residential and commercial construction projects, and are primarily tasked with preparing, treating, and shaping pieces of timber to be used for fittings and structural components.

Joinery refers to the process of working with timber joints, such as those found around windows and door frames. Carpentry and joinery are both building trades, although they deal with slightly different jobs on a building site. Both roles involve working with your hands to create timber structures, requiring advanced practical skills and strong attention to detail.

To become a carpenter or joiner, you’ll need to complete a Certificate III in Carpentry.  

Civil Construction

Civil construction involves the creation of essential infrastructure, such as roads, airports, dams, and bridges. If you enjoy working outdoors on large-scale projects, civil construction could be the ideal field to achieve your career goals. It covers various specialisations, such as earthmoving, steel work, plant operation, and drafting.

Responsible for planning and delivering complex building jobs, civil construction workers need a mixture of practical skills and theory expertise. Whether you want to organise and direct site labour and the delivery of building materials, or you’d prefer a more hands-on role, there are opportunities in the civil construction industry to suit every ambitious builder.

Check out Major Training’s civil construction courses to get qualified.


In the building industry, concreters are responsible for creating one of the most important components of any new structure: its foundation. They also build fixtures like walls, footpaths, ramps and stairs, and they can perform repair work on existing concrete structures.

Concreting is a physically demanding trade, requiring lots of strength and stamina. Enjoying practical work and being outdoors is also essential. In addition to pouring and finishing concrete, concreters may also get to carry out general demolition of minor building structures and levelling operations.

You can become a certified concreter by completing a concreting traineeship.

No matter what type of building trade you decide to do, you can be sure of enjoying a wealth of job opportunities in the construction industry. Check out all our construction industry traineeships to take the next step in your career.

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