How to Become a Heavy Vehicle Mechanic

Heavy vehicle mechanics specialise in maintaining and repairing industrial vehicles, such as earthmoving equipment, trucks, and buses. If you’ve got a keen interest in how heavy vehicles work, becoming a heavy vehicle mechanic could be the perfect career path for you.

To qualify for entry level roles in this industry, you’ll need to complete a heavy vehicle mechanic apprenticeship. Find out everything you need to know about working as a heavy vehicle mechanic and how to get the right skills for this role.

What does a heavy vehicle mechanic do?

The main difference between heavy vehicle mechanics and diesel mechanics is the type of vehicles they work on. Repairing and maintaining large machines requires a specialised skillset, which is why heavy vehicle mechanics often have a distinct qualification.

From aviation to public transportation, heavy vehicle mechanics can apply their skills in a wide range of industries.

These are some of their most common day-to-day tasks:

  • Servicing industrial vehicles
  • Undertaking maintenance work
  • Testing machinery
  • Diagnosing possible faults
  • Upholding environmental and sustainability best practice.

Whether you’re already a qualified diesel mechanic or you’re new to the industry, specialising as a heavy vehicle mechanic can lead to exciting career opportunities.

Get Qualified

You don’t necessarily need a heavy vehicle mechanic qualification to work on industrial vehicles. However, completing a specialised course will give you the skills and knowledge to advance your career in this field. Enrolling in a heavy vehicle mechanic apprenticeship is the easiest way to get qualified.

The certification you’ll need to be formally recognised as a heavy vehicle mechanic is a Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology. If you’re mechanically minded and have access to a suitable workplace, Major Training can help you learn the tricks of the heavy vehicle mechanic trade.

Our heavy vehicle mechanic apprenticeship can lay the foundations for career growth. You’ll learn how to diagnose and repair industrial engine systems while expanding your theoretical knowledge, allowing you to hit the ground running as soon as you graduate. Learn more about our Heavy Vehicle Mechanic Apprenticeship here.

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