Young Women Entering the Industry by Storm


“Just do it, you won’t regret it. You need to try to see if it’s something you have a passion for. Don’t be afraid to get of your comfort zone and try something new, you may just end up loving it.” [Ellie]


Many women would be intimidated by the thought of working in the civil and construction industry which is a predominantly male industry, however, these two women who I had the pleasure of interviewing were the complete opposite. 

These two fit right with their male teammates, jumping right into the plant operation machinery and getting the work done smoothly and efficiently. I pulled them to the side after their three weeks of undertaking the Motiv8 –Trade Ready programme to ask them about their experience of the course, their career ambitions, and their perception of women in the industry

Both ladies come from different career backgrounds, Bridget from hospitality and Ellie from manufacturing and fabrication and have a big passion for being hands-on, being part of a team undertaking a project, and being there from start to finish. Both agreed that’s why they love it, [Ellie] “Being in an environment where every day is different, constantly learning, and to come together and have an end product, is a very rewarding feeling”.  

Both girls saw the Motiv8 –Trade Ready course and saw it as a great opportunity to get a better insight and foot into the industry. [Bridget] “I personally really wanted to get into a trade or apprenticeship and saw this opportunity online and thought it would be a great experience.”]

 Always up for a challenge, both Bridget and Ellie gained a number of career and life skills that would help progress them now and in the future. [Ellie] “I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of going down a different career path and wanting to try something new. I am very grateful I got the opportunity to take this course over the past three weeks, and have learned so much from it. It’s been a great experience”. 

Both girls were very aware of the reality that is the industry is male-dominated and would love to see and work alongside more women in the workforce and try something different. [Bridget] “Before starting the course, I came into this honestly think ‘oh it’s going to be tough because the guys just see you as a female and automatically expect that we can’t do it and give it to another guy’, but the guys actually have been extremely encouraging and inclusive which has made a great difference to the enjoyment and gaining confidence”. “The guy’s love it too, defiantly is great to mix up the dynamic, and they don’t always expect us, women, to give the banter back to them, so it’s always a good laugh.”

Despite seeing an increase in women in the industry, there is defiantly a demand for more women to join the workforce. [Elllie] “I believe there is a need for greater presence required from the industry to press the great opportunities that are available to women in the industry. Continually re-enforcing the shift in dynamic of inclusivity of women and progressing towards diminishing the taboo that women aren’t supposed to get their hands dirty”. [Bridget] “A lot of women actually gain enjoyment and satisfaction by getting behind the wheel of the machines and being hands-on, we women do the job just as well as men”.

Many women may have an interest in the industry, but are unsure where to. Both Bridget and Ellie stressed the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone and just giving it a go. [Ellie] “Just do it, you won’t regret it. You need to try to see if it’s something you have a passion for. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and try something new, you may just end up loving it.”

After gaining a great amount of insight over the three weeks of the Motiv8 –Trade Ready programme, both girls are ambitious to get work in the industry and gain experience over time, gaining more tickets and training over the years, and ambitious to progress into higher levels throughout their career into management roles. 
It was an absolute pleasure to interview Bridget and Ellie, Major Training wishes them all the best in their future and believes that any organisation who takes them on as employees have gained great assets to the workforce. 


Written by Tatjana Veeser

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