Careers that need Manual Handling Training

Have you ever dreamed of starting a career in a trade? Whether you’re looking to become an electrician, plumber or warehouse worker, manual handling training is essential. Not only will it ensure that your safety on the job, but also those who work around you. It can also lead to increase job opportunities and career progression. This article will highlight all the careers that need manual handling training.

Major Training offers the manual handling course needed – TLID1001 Shift Materials Safely Using Manual Handling MethodThis is a 1 day course that will give you the skills needed for the rest of your career.

Some careers that require manual handling training include: 

Warehouse worker 

Warehouse workers are responsible for managing inventory, stocking shelves, loading trucks, unloading deliveries, and other tasks related to keeping a warehouse running efficiently. Working in a warehouse can involve heavy lifting, so it’s important for workers to have manual handling training. Using manual handling techniques at work can help reduce fatigue and injury while carrying out tasks. In addition, manual handling training can teach workers how to safely move items around the warehouse and store them correctly. With this knowledge under their belt, warehouse workers will be able to better perform their job duties with confidence and efficiency. As an added bonus, having manual handling certification may make them more attractive candidates for promotion opportunities within the company. 

Construction Worker 

Manual handling is also essential for construction workers who must use tools and heavy machinery on a daily basis. Whilst there are a variety of roles in construction, they all need manual handling training.  The key to progressing in this field is an understanding of building regulations and safety requirements. It also involves being able to take direction from a supervisor or team leader. Major training can help you earn your manual handling training ticket, as well as any heavy machinery or construction tickets you may need. 


Plumbers and electricians are also required to have manual handling training. Especially if they want to progress in their field. Manual handling techniques include lifting heavy pipes correctly without straining your back or using tools correctly when drilling into walls or floors so that no damage is done. Having these skills makes plumbers and electricians more competent in their jobs. It gives them more confidence when performing tasks that require precision or strength. As an added bonus, having a manual handling certification can open up more job opportunities since many employers consider it a prerequisite for certain roles within the industry! 

HVAC Technician 

Manual handling plays an important role for  who need to install air conditioning systems or repair existing ones. Manual handling training teaches technicians how to lift and carry equipment safely. You will also learn how to use tools correctly when operating machinery or working on heating systems. This training is needed for technicians who work with hazardous materials such as asbestos or refrigerants. With these skills under their belt, HVAC technicians will be well-equipped for any job they take on.

Having manual handling certification is essential if you want to start a career in the trades. Major Training offers public courses, private and onsite courses for students to complete their TLID1001 Shift Materials Safely Using Manual Handling Method competency. This training is a one day course.

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