How to Become a Builder

Interested in a career in construction? There are several pathways to become a professional builder in Australia. Whether you want to be a licenced builder, site supervisor or construction manager, you’ll need specific qualifications and licences to kickstart your career. That’s why we’ve created this article to help you learn the steps you need to take to get qualified as a builder in Australia.

Responsibilities of a Builder

From assessing a site’s suitability and applying for permits, to undertaking the practical work involved with building projects, builders have a range of responsibilities. Some builders specialise in a certain type of construction, whereas others apply their skills more broadly across the industry.

Some of their responsibilities involve:

  • Evaluation of potential construction locations
  • Reading and understanding architectural plans
  • Perform cost estimation that will help in getting planning permission
  • Obtain pertinent building permits
  • Recruit and coordinate subcontractors
  • Plan and supervise schedule for construction
  • Ensure hygiene and safety on the construction site and adherence to government building regulations

Essential Qualities

Technical Skills

First and foremost, builders need the technical know-how to complete their work to a professional standard. Developing strong practical skills will give you the confidence to grow and advance your career as you gain more experience, allowing you to establish a reputation as a reliable builder who produces high-quality results.

Understanding of Workplace Health and Safety

Many building contactors work alongside heavy machinery or in raised worksites that are only accessible via scaffolding. Working in these conditions can be risky, which is why it’s crucial for builders to have a thorough understanding of workplace health and safety regulations and how to apply them on building sites.

People Skills

Almost every building job is a team effort. This means that to succeed in the construction industry, you’ll need to know how to work well with others and communicate effectively. The better your communication skills, the more efficient your building services will be.

Physical Stamina

Construction work can be tough on the body, requiring strength, coordination, and good balance. To make it through your career without sustaining serious injuries, you’ll need plenty of physical stamina. Understanding ergonomics, such as correct lifting posture, will also help you stay healthy throughout the course of your career.

Steps to Becoming a Builder

Pass a Safety Induction Program

To work on any construction site across Australia, you must obtain a white card. Australian regulations state that you must complete Work Health & Safety (WHS) general construction induction training before you can start work in any construction activity.

Gain Some Work Experience as a Builder

In addition to education, you need to get some work experience to be eligible for a builder’s license. Major Training offer a range of building and construction courses in specific disciplines that will give you the skills you need to earn your experience.

They include:

Average Builder Salary

Builders in Australia can earn on average $97,500 and with enough senior experience, as much as $160,000. According to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC), employment levels in the Construction industry in 2021 were 1,160,700 and is expected to grow to a total of 1,263,900 by 2025.

Complete a Certificate IV in Building and Construction

Australia follows the Australian Qualifications Framework that defines the various standards for educational qualifications within Australia. Studying a CPC40110 Certificate IV in Building and Construction with Major Training is a great entry point to your new role as a Builder and if you choose to, as a Construction Manager.

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