How to Get a Job at the Mines

The mining industry can be competitive, but it’s also very rewarding. Providing high wages and career advancement opportunities, mining jobs offer many advantages once you’ve got a foot in the door. If you are asking yourself ‘how do I get a job in the mines?’, this article is your guide to learning how to get a job in the mines and kickstart your career with a nationally recognised course from Major Training.

Finding Open Mining Positions

Researching for available mining positions is a great place to start on your hunt for a job in the mines. There are many useful resources you can use such as the official websites of companies that employ miners and using employment websites such as and This kind of research is also useful to get an idea of what types of mining jobs are out there and whether they are entry or senior level positions.   

Please keep in mind however that different employers may use various alternative job titles relating to mining in the description.

Have the Right Qualities

The mining industry is a massive employer in Australia, accounting for 2.1% of the total workforce according to labour market data. Depending on the type of role you want to work in, you could be based in an office or on site. From project management to operating large machinery, mining jobs offer a diverse range of responsibilities. Mining professionals often work on fixed or rotating rosters in remote locations, requiring regular travel.

That’s why having the below qualities will help you to not only handle the diversity of responsibilities but also to succeed in the long term:

Physical Competence

Mining jobs can involve physical labour, requiring plenty of stamina from employees. Some roles in mining may also entail working in hazardous conditions, such as underground or with heavy machinery. Having the physical competence to demonstrate manual dexterity in these conditions is crucial to building a successful career in mining.

Commitment to Learning

The mining industry is evolving rapidly, so regular training is required for workers to stay up to date with the latest innovations. Familiarising yourself with advancements in mining technology as they emerge will ensure you can offer potential employees the most relevant knowledge and skills.

Communication Skills

Teamwork is an integral part of the mining industry. You may be required to collaborate with other workers to complete your assigned tasks safely. Having strong communication skills will give you the ability to work effectively as a team in any mining industry job.

Become Qualified and Gain Industry Experience

Getting qualified with a nationally recognised mining and energy course from Major Training will not only equip you with the skills and knowledge you need but also improve your chances of securing employment. You’ll develop the skills needed to maintain productivity in open cut and quarry mines, allowing you to graduate with a diverse skillset. Whether you’re wondering how to become a dump truck driver in the mines*, or you want to work your way up to mine manager, getting qualified is the best way to achieve your ambitions.

*To operate any type of vehicle on a mine site, you require a relevant plant operator ticket or a heavy vehicle licence.  

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