What to Expect from Our Truck Driving Courses

If you’re considering a career change, there are many advantages to becoming a truck driver. Operating a heavy vehicle can be a demanding job, but it’s a great way to see the country and escape the predictable nature of a typical 9 – 5 role.

Take the first steps toward a career on the road by finding out everything you need to know about the truck driving courses available with Major Training.

Course Requirements

From road trains to light rigid trucks, there are many different types of heavy vehicles currently in use on Australian roads. Depending on the type of heavy vehicle licence you require, various training courses are available to aspiring truck drivers. 

Major Training currently offers truck driving courses for the following heavy vehicle licences:

Medium Rigid (MR)

A two-axle rigid truck with no prime mover

Course Requirements

To qualify for an MR licence course, your must have held a C (car) or LR (light rigid) licence for a period of at least 12 months. This period must have occurred during the last five years.

Heavy Rigid (HR)

A heavy rigid vehicle with a minimum of three axles, or a three-axle prime mover

Course Requirements

To qualify for a HR licence, you must have held a C (car) class for 24 months, and a LR (light rigid) or MR (medium rigid) licence continuously for 12 months.

Heavy Combination (HC)

A vehicle consisting of a prime mover attached to a semi-trailer, or a heavy rigid vehicle towing a trailer

To qualify for a HC licence, you must have held a MR (medium rigid) or HR (heavy rigid) licence for at least 12 months.

Multi Combination (MC)

A heavy rigid with multiple trailers

Course Requirements

To qualify for an MC licence, you must have held a HR (heavy rigid) or HC (heavy combination) licence for at least 12 months. You must also successfully complete a pre-assessment, an approved training course, and demonstrate the ability to use automatic, synchro-mesh and road ranger gear boxes prior to starting the MC licence course.

Depending on the type of heavy vehicle licence you’re applying for, other training requirements may include proof of identity, practical driving tests, eyesight assessments and the completion of a log diary. Training is provided by experienced drivers on a one-on-one basis in the truck’s cab.

Training Locations

Depending on the number of drivers that require training,
Major Training provides truck driving courses at the following locations:

It’s also possible to arrange for trainers to attend a company’s premises for onsite lessons.

Truck Driving Opportunities

Due to a shortage of truck drivers in Australia, there are significant employment opportunities in the freight transport industry for people with the right qualifications. Age is one of the biggest factors impacting the availability of drivers – according to Australian Bureau of Statistics Labour Force Data, nearly half of all truck drivers will be aged over 65 by 2026. As more truck drivers reach retirement age, the number of job openings will inevitably increase.

These are the types of jobs truck driving courses can lead to:

  • Truck driver
  • Delivery driver
  • Long haul driver
  • Multi drop MR licence driver
  • Removalist
  • Labourer
  • Street Sweeper
  • Tow Truck Driver.

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