How to Become a Civil Construction Supervisor

Civil construction site supervisors are responsible for the management and supervision of infrastructure and building projects. This position plays a key role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of tradespeople on job sites, so it comes with a high level of responsibility.

If you’re looking for civil construction jobs with leadership obligations, reaching a supervisory role requires plenty of practical experience. This article is your guide to learning how to gain the skills and qualifications to become a civil construction supervisor.

What is a Civil Construction Supervisor?

A Site Supervisor oversees and co-ordinates the daily operations of a worksite to ensure a high level of performance and compliance with health and safety guidelines. Site Supervisors typically work on worksites in the building and construction industry. They have strong leadership skills, in addition to having exceptional communication and project management skills.

Throughout their career, a civil construction supervisor will have the following tasks and duties:

  • Developing and implementing systems and procedures that enable tradespeople and employees to carry out their tasks in the most efficient way
  • Evaluating hazards, controlling risks and undertaking regular inspections of systems and equipment
  • Arranging preventative maintenance of machinery as required
  • Working closely with senior management and stakeholders to ensure a safe and efficient operation of the site.

Earn Experience with Civil Construction Courses

Civil construction supervisor

Civil construction supervisors are tasked with managing complex logistics and working with various building disciplines. To successfully collaborate with different tradespeople and offer expert guidance on big construction projects, you’ll need significant experience. Before becoming a supervisor, we recommend mastering the basics first by expanding your knowledge and skills in non-leadership roles.

Major Training provide a range of nationally recognised civil construction courses online to help you get started:

Once you’ve got enough experience under your belt with a cert 3 civil construction course, you’ll have what it takes to move into a supervisory role. Most leaderships positions in civil construction require at least 2 years’ experience, although some jobs require 5 or more.

Hone Your Leadership Skills

Construction leader

There’s more to being a civil construction supervisor than experience. Strong leadership skills are also essential for succeeding in this role. A site supervisor oversees and co-ordinates the daily operations of a worksite to ensure a high level of performance and compliance with health and safety guidelines.

As a civil construction supervisor, these are some of the leadership responsibilities you’ll have:

  • Coordinating teams of subcontractors
  • Ensuring the timely completion of projects
  • Providing opportunities for self-development
  • Creating a safe working environment for all employees
  • Motivating team members to do their best work
  • Managing budgets and ensuring costs are accounted for.

If you’re lacking in leadership experience, don’t be disheartened. Being a good leader takes practice and is something that can be continually developed and worked on.

How Much Do Construction Supervisors Make?

The average salary of a civil construction supervisor is $100,000 and with enough experience you could potentially earn up to $174,000 a year.

Become a Qualified Civil Construction Site Supervisor

If you’re confident you have the experience and leadership skills to succeed as a civil constriction supervisor, completing a RII40720 Certificate IV in Civil Construction will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to work in supervisory roles in civil construction. You’ll learn how to implement operational plans on construction projects, maintain Workplace Health and Safety compliancy, apply site risk management, and provide a high standard of supervision.

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