The Future of Major Training

With 20 years’ experience under its belt, Major Training continues to expand and evolve to meet the needs of an everchanging and competitive market.

The respected RTO in Queensland has grown from humble beginnings as a plant hire operation offering short programs (1-day or 1-week) into a broad-scope educational business providing nationally recognised qualifications delivered over several months or years.

And according to General Manager Matthew Tenkate, son of Founder Alex Tenkate, it’s only the beginning.

We had a chat with Matthew to learn more about the journey of the family business over the past 20 years, key challenges and achievements, and plans for the future.

From Then to Now

“The education market is everchanging; it is not an industry where you can stand still,” Matthew states.

In the early days, Major Training consisted of a small group of people running every aspect of the business. Today, there are teams managing key parts of each student’s journey.

“The business has had to evolve with changing market demands and respond to legislation changes that have affected the business both positively and negatively,” Matthew says.

With this change, Matthew explains, the business has had to respond and advance its delivery styles, flexibility, resources and equipment, and technology adoption.

He also states the company has become more structured and improved its management, saying, “We strategise regularly with our professional advisors to ensure we’re continuously improving and seeking better ways to do things.”

 “We did not set up to fail. We work hard and are always looking for new ways to evolve and meet the demands of the industry,” Matthew says.


Key Achievements

It’s no surprise the team has accumulated a long list of proud moments and noteworthy achievements over the past two decades, some of which include:

  • Expanding delivery across SEQ and opening strategically located sites in Morayfield and Dinmore to support the region.
  • Providing training and assessment support for some of Queensland’s largest infrastructure projects, such as Legacy Way, Toowoomba Range, Airport Link, Clem7, and the Inner City Bypass.
  • Working Department of Transport and Main Roads for flood recovery support after 2011 floods, providing jobs and driver development programs across Queensland.
  • Supporting various charity foundations, including the purchase and supply of at-home hospital beds for families with children with disabilities, and being a foundation supporter of the Cancer Council’s Transport to Treatment program.
  • Winning Large RTO of the year in 2013.
  • Completing 10,000 students through to 50,000 – and beyond.
  • Supporting the development of Papua New Guinea industry national trainers for oil projects.
  • Continuously investing in fleet and resources to lead the market.

Challenges Through the Years

Every business comes across roadblocks and detours – particularly if they’ve been around for as long as Major Training has.

Over the past 20 years, the business has faced a few standout challenges, from the global financial crisis to government changes and council regulations.

Matthew also notes current challenges for RTOs, including overregulation in the industry, the everchanging landscape of funding, and the government’s prioritisation of qualifications.

The team is proud to remain standing as an RTO with the early number of 6139 after the many challenges that have faced the education sector.

According to Matthew, the company’s greatest strengths are evolving with industry, responding to clients, taking feedback, and its continuous search for betterment, along with a make-it-happen culture.

Plans for the Future

Major Training isn’t slowing down any time soon. In fact, Matthew explains future plans include increasing the business’s market share and footprint. And Major is making investments in people, resources, and equipment to achieve those objectives.

The business aims to have an active national footprint with training hubs that are assessable to everyone, while maintaining that critical balance of a digital and hands-on offering.

“We have more opportunity to make a difference – we are more flexible, we are more customer-focused, and we have better facilities,” Matthew says.

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