Major Heroes: Ben – Head of Training Delivery

When discussing the company’s 20-year anniversary, General Manager Matthew Tenkate has credited past and present staff for helping get Major Training to where it is today.

In celebration of the massive milestone, we shine the spotlight on the ‘Major Heroes’ that have had a hand in Major’s success.

Head of Training Delivery, Ben is one of the many team members who contributes to the company’s ins and outs daily.

We asked him a few questions to find out what it’s like to work for Major Training, how he came to join the team, and where the business is heading.

How long have you worked with Major Training?

“1 year.”

What is your current position with Major Training?

“Head of Training Delivery.”

What made you want to work with Major Training?

“It’s a longstanding, ethical training provider. I’ve worked in the sector for 12 years for a few different training providers. It was refreshing to find Major.”

What’s your favourite thing about working with Major Training?

“The people. The people actually care about each other and want to do a good job. And the values of the organisation.”

How has the business changed since you started working here?

“Over the past 12 months, the business has focused on traineeships and apprenticeships. We’ve improved our systems, structure and ability to service customers to a high standard.”

What are some of the key achievements/proud moments you’ve had working with Major Training?

“I’m proud of building capacity in the training team, and to build trust with our clients that we can do what we say we do. I feel that in the past 12 months, my team has become more focused on results and is accountable for performance.”

How will you be celebrating your 1-year anniversary with Major Training?

“Keep on making it happen!”

Is there anything else you’d like to say about working with Major Training?

“I love that the values of Major actually mean something. The values are actually a thing! People actually live by them, and it helps me with my decision making!”

Learn more about the past, present, and future of Major Training in our timeline infographic ‘From Humble Beginnings: Major Training Over The Past 20 Years.’

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