How to Apply for Recognition of Prior Learning

At Major Training, our goal is to provide you with the skills, knowledge and qualifications you need to take the next step in your career. So, when students with prior learning start training with us – and they can prove they already have some relevant skills or knowledge – they may be eligible to get their qualification sooner.

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What is an RPL Assessment?

If you start a Major Training qualification and believe you have relevant experience on the subject, you can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (an RPL certificate). During this process, you will need to demonstrate your current skills and knowledge in the overall qualification or in an individual course’s unit of competency. The RPL assessment can be determined through:

  • Interviews
  • Workplace observations
  • Third-party testimonials
  • Professional documents.

Knowledge and experience can be gained in different environments, so students are eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning in a number of areas. This includes life experience, work experience and past education.

Life Experience

Some students have spent years developing a skill, either as a hobby or out of necessity. If you have experience in a particular skill, we can conduct an RPL assessment of what you already know. For example, if you have spent a lot of time in woodworking and would like RPL in carpentry, you may be eligible.

Industry Training

Have you worked on site and already gained skills relevant to your qualification? Your experience is valuable and it may be enough to fast-track your studies. Industry training refers to the roles you’ve performed on site and any of the skills you gained or were taught. This also includes unpaid work experience.

Past Education

Previous education is a different form of Recognition of Prior Learning. Current qualifications or Statements of Attainment (issued by other RTOs) that recognise relevant skills may be applied in a credit transfer.

A credit transfer can take place when you enrol in a Major Training qualification. You will need to provide your completed application and your original Statement of Attainment (or a JP-certified copy) for the RPL assessment to begin. Only licences that meet the AQF requirements will be accepted.

What are the benefits of RPL?

Recognition of Prior Learning can help fast-track your qualification and may reduce the cost of your training. But the benefits of an RPL assessment are much deeper for you and your team. The process also helps you determine the level of your existing skills and uncover any gaps in your training. Gaining an RPL certificate could also open up pathways to further education that expand your career opportunities.

Apply for Recognition of Prior Learning

If you’re considering a qualification with Major Training and have relevant experience or education, you may be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning. Whether you’re after RPL in carpentry, construction or another area, we can help.

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