The Future of the Construction Industry Post-Pandemic

Wondering what lies ahead for the construction industry in the wake of COVID-19? Despite the challenges the industry has faced during the pandemic, the future looks bright for those working in construction. There are a number of positive trends beginning to emerge, including new construction industry jobs, as new ways of living and working remotely are becoming the norm.

We’ve narrowed down the biggest trends anticipated for the construction industry post-pandemic.

Increased Digitisation

Working remotely has become one of the biggest trends during the pandemic—and this includes those working in construction trades. Engineers and designers are relying heavily on digital collaboration tools, including building-information modelling (BIM) and 4D and 5D simulation for new projects. Contractors are using online channels to order construction materials, manage resources and monitor cash flow. They are also putting emphasis on employee wellbeing, using apps to check on staff and promote positive mental health.

Investments in Technology

In addition to the tools mentioned above, real-time progress tracking, advanced schedule optimisation and digital workflow management are also projected to be key areas of investment in the construction industry. Prior to COVID-19, there was already a shortage of in-demand skilled labour workers. Now with social distancing and border restrictions in place, skilled labour shortages are likely to remain a challenge. This will increase the need for automation of construction industry training, as well as on-site and back-office processes for both construction and design teams.

Off-Site Construction

Building off-site has proven to produce higher quality work with quicker speed. In a post-pandemic world where workforces will continue to be closely monitored, building off-site in a controlled environment is anticipated to become more common—especially for contractors and manufacturers.

Government Grants

COVID-19 has brought historically low interest rates and a range of government and state incentives, making building a home much more affordable. Grants such as the First Home Owner Grant and HomeBuilder Grant are applicable for those buying newly built properties only. The HomeBuilder grant encourages first- and next-home buyers to build their property from the ground up. To be eligible, you must enter a building contract within the specified timeframe, be an Australian citizen and have your property value stay within the price cap.

Sustainability Efforts

Sustainability is a hot topic in all aspects of life—and construction industry jobs will continue to oversee more designs for healthier living. There has been mention of potential government incentives to meet carbon reduction and energy efficiency targets. Demand for more sustainable buildings and communities will continue to grow, including access to local amenities and outdoor space, use of recycled materials and higher standards for air quality.

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