The Benefits of Doing a Short Course

Want to get qualified fast? Short courses at Major Training allow for rapid upskilling. Whether you’re looking to advance your career, or you want to study something new, short training courses could be the key to quickly unlocking your capabilities and career potential.

Major Training provides short courses near Brisbane that build skills and knowledge relevant to the mining, construction and transport industries. Discover the benefits of our short courses below.

Upskill in Your Current Role

Don’t have access to certain areas of training in your current role? Our short courses can help you gain new skills while earning a nationally recognised qualification. This will help you expand your skills in your existing role, allowing you to take on new responsibilities.

Major Training offers several construction short courses that can be completed in a day, such as our ‘Working at Heights’ course.

Study Something New

Sometimes, the only thing getting in the way of a new job is not having the right qualifications. Our short courses will give you the skills to become a more qualified applicant for a new role, or help you get promoted in your current role. Whether you want to get your White Card (General Construction Training) to be able to work on a construction site, or you’re looking for a Supervisors Course to secure a senior role in the mining industry, Major Training has you covered.

For Employers: Improve Your Workforce

Keeping your workforce safe and productive is the goal of any employer. That’s why we deliver short training courses that teams can complete together (at your worksite or ours).

Our short courses:

  • Help workforces adapt to new risks – Example: The Infection Control Skillset (Transport and Logistics).
  • Keep workforces safer by minimising injury – Example: Manual Handling Training and our First Aid Certificate.
  • Train new skills to increase capabilities – Example: The Telehandler Ticket and Four-Wheel Drive Training.

At Major Training, we understand the value of time. That’s why our short courses near Brisbane can be completed quickly. Most can be completed in one day, and if your team only needs a refresher on a certain skill, we can organise a shorter course designed to refresh their existing skills.

Applying for Our Short Courses

Major Training’s short training courses each have their own information page that provides individuals and employers with everything they need to know.

Each page explains:

  • How the short course is delivered and how long it takes
  • The objective and what skills and knowledge it covers
  • Course requirements
  • And more.

Upskill yourself or your workforce with a nationally recognised qualification from Major Training. From construction short courses to qualifications relevant to all industries, discover which short courses are currently on offer. If you need more information or want to make an enquiry, get in touch with our team online or over the phone today.

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