Women Who Weld

The underrepresentation of women in trades is one of the most pronounced examples of workplace gender imbalances we still see in 2023. While the percentage of women in trades remains relatively low, it’s clear that the tide is turning as women break through barriers and excel in roles traditionally held by men, increasing diversity in the workforce.

As a trusted registered training organization (RTO 6139), Major Training recognises that women in trades need more support, professional development and opportunities than ever before. We have put considerable focus into this area and are dedicated to creating more opportunities for women through forging relevant partnerships to assist them further into trade roles.

This focus fostered an exciting opportunity for Major Training to host our first ever “Women Who Weld” program, facilitated through the Gold Coast Manufacturing Hub, which is a branch of the Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water. Along with the ongoing support and recruitment from the Queensland Manufacturing Institute who offer the Gateway to Industry Schools Program for Advanced Manufacturing.

We were proud to welcome a class of 6 hand selected high school aged students on site to our Yatala campus on May 24th, who were taken through a full day of hands on training by our experienced engineering trainer, Craig McKenzie. The women were eager to learn and engaged with the content delivered. From safe work practices and theory, right through to the design and fabrication of their own take home project of welded steel book ends. The day was a resounding success as a taster into the life of an engineer.

As we continue to advocate for the support needed within the women in trade space, we are ultimately ensuring that gender is not a barrier when it comes to career choices. By offering these women a snapshot as to the pathways which are available to them to begin their career in the trade industry, it can be the catalyst needed to kick start their career.

We look forward to further progression in this space and providing an inclusive and supportive space made inviting to welcome women into the industry.

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